X-Men Franchise Editor John Ottman Was Once Involved With a Solo Beast Movie, ‘Fear The Beast’ – Read the Script Here

John Ottman has composed music for and edited numerous X-Men films under the direction of Bryan Singer over the years. Recently, he revealed to Heat Vision that while he was in the process of completing his work on X-Men: Apocalypse, his assistant and a hopeful screenwriter named Byron Burton came up with a brand new plot line for a screenplay that could easily serve as a spin-off film that starred Nicholas Hoult’s Beast.

Ottman explained to The Hollywood Reporter, “We wanted to have the tenor of John Carpenter’s The Thing where you are in this inhospitable environment.”

In the chat with THR, Ottman has shared details about the never-produced movie. Burton had pitched Ottman on the Beast project, and Ottman was impressed enough with the script he wrote that he eventually tried to get it made over at Fox.

Ottman put out feelers at the studios, but was soon informed that because the script used core X-Men characters, (inluding Professor X and Wolverine) it would need the “OK” of Simon Kinberg, who was working on Dark Phoenix at that time. Kinberg declined to read the screenplay so as not to become unduly influenced by it.

As a result, Ottman and Burton have now shared the early draft of the script, which was titled “Fear The Beast,” for fun and that screenplay can be found at THR’s link right here.

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