Wrestler and Actor John Cena Has Left a Cryptic Photo on Instagram, Fueling Future MCU Speculation

Could John Cena be headed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  The Wrestler and (quite frankly, charismatic) actor took to social media this weekend and began speculation from Marvel fans that he may in fact, be taking over the role Captain America in future chapters in the MCU.  The photo is taken from Captain America: Civil War and is simply a picture of Cap’s shield:

While there is no evidence that current Cap Chris Evans is done with his role as the Super Soldier, Cena certainly wouldn’t be wrong for the part.  But you have to consider that both the Falcon and Winter Soldier are fan favorites in the movies and that they have each taken over the mantle of Captain America in the comic books.  The most likely scenario is that those stories would be the ones Marvel Studios adapts for the big screen instead of recasting the role of Steve Rogers.

Cena can next be seen in Paramount’s Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, which hits theaters on December 21.

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