World’s Finest Geeks Podcast Episode 9

Here is what hosts @VinceTheGeek and @GeekWriterRob are discussing this week:

-Vince and Rob dump the prepared Agenda to talk about the Breaking News about Spider-Man parting ways with the Sony/Disney Partnership

-Sony just announced yesterday that “Spider-Man: Far From Home” is their most successful movie all of all time: What happened?

-Was Tom Rothman, CEO of Sony who (allegedly) ruined some of the X-Men movies during his CEO reign at Fox responsible?

-Rob and Vince briefly talk about ‘The Matrix 4’ – the day’s *other* big news

-We continue to run with breaking news about the Sony/Disney Split during the show

-We bring up that we’re not trying to be one-sided and that Disney could very well be the blame for this over $$$

-Vince brilliantly hypothesizes that Disney CEO Bob Iger put the call in to the trades after Sony’s brazen announcement of their takeover of Insomniac Games and Press Release about ‘Far From Home’

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