‘This Is Us’ and How it’s Mired into Geek Culture – A Good Article for Turkey Day With the Family

While I still don’t understand how Barry and Iris West’s daughter can maneuver running around on The Flash without breaking into some sort of alternate “Flashpoint,” I DO still love the series.  I think it’s a pivotal plot point to explain that at some time, but we’ll see where it goes, I guess.

But I didn’t watch The Flash last night.  Instead, I was most looking forward to This Is Us.  This is an unusual reaction from someone who runs a website dedicated to those interested in geek culture.

But, hear me out.

First of all, I’ll relate this to geek culture in the fact that one of the stars of This Is Us, Justin Hartley, was cast as Aquaman, for a CW series pilot that never made it to be a full-fledged series.

Second, I’ll point out that that series star Milo Ventimiglia got his start on a TV show on NBC called Heroes, in 2006, around the same time Hartley was cast for the Aquaman pilot.

Third.  Justin Hartley was later cast as Green Arrow on season 6 of Smallville, a television series that lasted for TEN SEASONS on the CW.

While we must all admit that’s a terrible Green Arrow costume, lets get to the point.

This Is Us is an incredible television series.  There are no Superheroes to be seen on the program.  That is, unless you count the ones who exist in real life.  Comic Book heroes don’t exist in the This Is Us universe.  There’s not a universe to exist there.  The show is about REAL people, with REAL problems.

In some episodes of the series, it may deal with weight issues.  With reproductive problems.  Maybe, on some weeks, it deals with Marital issues or on issues with raising children.  You might get a problem with Racial situations that have ever-evolved in our country.  If that’s what you think.

There is a strong possibility that you’re going to run into Divorce or LGBTQ issues on this show.  I’ve seen chapters of the program where characters experience panic attacks.  I’ve seen a show where a Stepfather goes after his children because they didn’t support him marrying his wife, who wasn’t his children’s mother.

And this scripted TV program, albeit as it is, has really opened my eyes to Vietnam.  This was such an unnecessary War that should have never happened.

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Maybe I’m stupid, but I think the show may be called This Is Us, because… this is us.

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