The ‘World’s Finest Geeks’ Website Welcomes Our New Satirical Columnist to the Site: Mister Mxyzptlk!

Good evening everyone. This is @GeekWriterRob here, writer and Editor-In-Chief at World’s Finest Geeks.  Since our website is growing, we’re always welcoming new writers to the website.  Tonight, we’ve received our first piece from a new Columnist we welcome with open arms.  He’s a satirical writer.  He enjoys comedy and loves the website The Onion.  But the thing about “Mxy,” as we call him around the office?

Well, Mxy is an imp from the fifth dimension.  He’s a bit of a trickster.  So, you really shouldn’t take stock into anything he says, to be honest.  He likes jokes quite a bit, so I’m happy to print his first article here, exclusively on our site.  This week, Mxy overheard something happening in The White House (or so HE says) and wanted to report his findings.

With no further adieu, I present to you, this  imp from the fifth dimension’s very first satirical article:

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President Trump: Wakanda Is a ‘Shithole Country’

11/08/18 9:15pm By @MisterMxyzptlk

WASHINGTON, DC—Former reality TV star Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, held a meeting this morning for the Press after having viewed the new Marvel Studios documentary “Black Panther” on Netflix this past weekend. “I have to tell you something, folks,” the President began, “They are the world’s lead producers of Vibranium… a metal that we first produced in the United States, back in the forties. We have to bring the production of Vibranium back here to our country. There will be big, big jobs created in factories that produce Vibranium, folks. It’s going to create jobs in a big, big, very big way. Wakanda is a shithole country, folks. They all want to come here because of Trump, but we won’t let them in!” When CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta pointed out to the President that Wakanda is a nation, not a country, Mr. Trump seemed perplexed, but deflected with: “Listen, I spoke with King T’Challa over the weekend. We both agree that Vibranium production should be back in the United States, just like back in the forties,” the President said, citing that he saw that’s where it originally came from, according to the 2011 Marvel Documentary he saw, “Captain America: The First Avenger. “Look,” Mr. Trump continued, “Captain Steve Rogers had a very big, beautiful shield, made from Vibranium, with the American flag on it. He did, he did, folks. That’s why we must bring the production of Vibranium back here.” Mr. Trump then walked off stage, fumbling a Diet Coke in his hand, as reporters started questioning him about what his plans were regarding the destruction of Asgard one year ago and what he was going to do about half the population turning to ash after Thanos’ finger snap earlier this year.  Mr. Trump also declined comment when questioned how he spoke to King T’Challa over the weekend, when in fact, he himself turned to ash and died in April.

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