REVIEW: ‘Venom’ Turns Out to Be One of the Most Faithful Comic Book Adaptations of All Time

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So, what do you expect to see when you walk into a movie titled Venom, based upon the popular Marvel Comics Anti-hero, who was born as a foil to Spider-Man?  Are you looking for a masterpiece unlike anything you’ve ever seen before?  Or are you looking for a movie appropriately titled Venom? If you’re looking […]

Sony Pictures’ ‘Venom’ Eats Up Another $35.7 Million This Weekend for Another First-Place Finish.

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Venom, despite not sitting well with critics, seems to be receiving a totally different, warm reception from fans around the world.  Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the superhero creature feature has become a solid blockbuster and scored a second straight week atop the box office domestically, with an excellent $35.7 million second weekend.  Thus far, with […]

UPDATED: Lick it or Not, ‘Venom’ is Headed Toward an Astounding Opening Weekend Record

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10/08 UPDATE: Venom wound up massively exceeding expectations at the weekend box office grossing an estimated $80,255,756.  You can view complete details about the record-breaking number at Box Office Mojo. EARLIER: Back in 2013, when Gravity came to theaters with a hard-hitting story. A woman. Alone. Trapped in absolute terror, in space. It just sang to me. […]