Sequel to Sony’s ‘Venom’ in Development with a Returning Screenwriter

While many fans doubted at first that the character of Venom could not possibly thrive without Spider-Man, it’s unquestionable that the well-loved Marvel anti-hero indeed can. Venom shocked everyone with its massive box office haul, a total of $855.6 million globally.

Now, according to Variety, Sony Pictures has greenlit the inevitable sequel 
and that screenwriter Kelly Marcel will be returning to pen the Marvel symbiote’s next chapter.

This report also claims that Michelle Williams is expected to reprise her role as Ann for the sequel, as is Woody Harrelson, who briefly played Cletus Kasady in the post-credits scene. Cletus is a serial killer in the comic books, who fuses with a different deadly symbiote to become the mentally unstable villain Carnage. That post-credits sequence in no uncertain terms,  alluded to Carnage being the main antagonist of the sequel.

The ‘Venom’ sequel is still untitled, but is currently scheduled to be in theaters in October, 2020.

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