REVIEW: “Release the Snyder Cut” Seems to Be a Trending Topic on Earth, But in the Fifth Dimension: We’ve Already Seen It.

Hey everyone!  My name is Mxy and I’m an imp from the fifth dimension.  I’m a bit of a trickster.  So, you really shouldn’t take stock into anything I say, to be honest.  I like jokes quite a bit, and I write exclusively for World’s Finest Geeks, which might be the World’s Worst Website.  Anyway, this week, we explore the Zack Snyder cut of the movie Justice League.

On your version of the DC Multi-Verse, just a year ago, you got some really weird version of the movie where Joss Whedon took over directing from Snyder “because his daughter committed suicide.” While that is true, that’s not why he was removed from the director’s chair.

It was to be safe.  It was to water it down, because those Marvel movies suck.  Joss directed the first two Avengers movies, so DC and Warner Bros. looked to him “to fix” Justice League.  He didn’t, because this movie never needed “fixing.”

There is no question about that, but what you people call “The Snyder Cut,” of the film?  It’s unarguably the best movie of all time.  While this scene from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, may have not made sense in your world, it rang true here on the Fifth Dimension, because The Snyder Cut paid it off, in a very big way.

This pays off because in our version of Justice League, everyone is dark, depressing and pretty much just kills everyone they see.  If you’ve ever played the dark, depressing game Injustice, you might start to paint the picture of what The Snyder Cut is.  It’s the best movie ever and it’s vividly clear that Snyder totally understands the characters and what drives them.

I particularly LOVED the scene where Evil Superman took down the entire Justice League with his heat vision alone, then brought them back to life with his super breath.  Only to kill them all with his heat vision again.  What a great movie this was.

While Marvel Studios NEVER understood the characters in which they focus on, in our dimension, DC GETS it, thanks to Zack Snyder.  Here, next year, we’re getting a sequel to Justice League, directed by Snyder, in which, according to rumors… The Flash goes back in time and destroys humanity.

Meanwhile, the people of Earth, get this from their DC movies:

Anyway, one of the editors here just got wind of this article and tricked me into saying my name backwards.  I Have to go back to the fifth dimen…

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