Paramount Announces a 30th Anniversary Re-Release of it’s Seminal Horror Film, ‘Pet Sematary’ with a Mock Trailer

Paramount, a studio long in the need of a hit movie outside of the Mission: Impossible franchise, has gone back to the well.

Back in 1989, the film production company released an incredible adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel, Pet Sematary.  For nearly thirty years, this perfectly adapted story of a man searching for a means to bring his young son back to life, after being struck down by a tractor trailer, has haunted millions of people.

Paramount Pictures knows this.  Just yesterday, they released a poster that advertised the film’s re-release to theaters, nationwide:

But Paramount has now gone one step further, with a complete mockery trailer of the fake remake, which captures everything perfectly from the original, acting and emotion, aside:

This re-release of a 30-year-old movie hits theaters on April 5, just prior to when it originally hit theaters on April 21, 1989.

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