OPINION: The Slasher Movie is Back – Expect An Announcement By New Line Cinema as Early as Monday Morning for a Visit Back To Elm Street

I feel a turn in the tide when it comes to the long forgotten sub-genre of horror – the slasher film.  With the release of Halloween this weekend, everything points to a reemergence in the area.

New Line Cinema released It to a record-breaking $123 million last year.  After seeing the movie, I wondered why the company would sit on a property they own like Freddy Krueger, a character very similar to It.

The box-office gross of Halloween this weekend will tell the tale.  But this movie is going to make way more money than anyone expects.  The low ball right now is $50 Million.  The high ball is $80 million.

I predict an $87 million opening weekend.

We reported just last week that Robert Englund is reprising his role as Freddy in a Goldberg’s episode, set to air next week.

Who’s to say he doesn’t come back, from the original movie, pretending sequels didn’t happen, to face off against Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) in a movie that takes place 35 years later?

I’d watch that!

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