OPINION: Make Sure You Vote on Tuesday, November 6th. Captain America Demands It!

Captain America is obviously a fictional character.  But he is one who stands up for freedom and democracy in the country of his origin.  A midterm Election may not seem like a big deal, but it always is.  Every single vote you don’t make is a lost voice in a screaming mob of millions these days.

No matter which side of the aisle you stand on, make sure your voice is heard.  The one thing that the character of Captain America has always encompassed, since his very creation in 1941 out of the pages of Timely Comics, was that he was a champion for America.  He still remains that to this day, in the comic book panels and up on the big screen.

Cap was never a Conservative or a Liberal.  He always just stood for the American flag and everything it represented.  Our country can only get better if you do the research for those who are representing you.  These officials work for YOU, you don’t work for THEM.  You’re their Constituents.

If this fictional character, coming up on 80 years of being the ultimate American, can last this long?  Then maybe WE can too.  Your vote is important!  Captain America says so!

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