OPINION: Always Remember ‘Smallville,’ the Show that Paved the Way for the Large Landscape of DC-Based TV Shows We Get Now

On October 16, 2001, the world needed a hero.

A mere month after two towers fell in New York, to brutal forces the world over… we needed a Superman.  And we got one.

On that date, the fledgling network The WB debuted their new Superman-inspired TV series.  A show that was a visionary for its time.  With a simple rule of “No Flights, No Tights” by show creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, what transpired was a program depicting Clark Kent as a teenager, taking on the responsibilities of adulthood.  He would later become the world’s greatest hero: Superman.

I’m moved by this, because not only is it one of the greatest shows of all time, but it encapsulated the Superman persona in a way I never expected and lasted 10 years.  I wanted to share this video of the television program that shaped generations.  This is a video that played with one second clips, captured from each episode of the serie’s 218 episode run, with a great song in the background:

Then, 10 years later, after the premiere.  This is the beautiful moment when Clark Kent becomes Superman:

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