Major Ron Reporting, with an Article About Captain America #1, One of the First War Comics

One of the first war comics was actually a superhero comic book.

It was released in March of 1941.

This was nine months before Pearl Harbor was attacked. The cover showed Captain America attacking Adolf Hitler.  America had not yet entered the war. The comic was created by Timely Comics.

Captain America was a patriotic super soldier who helped fight the Axis Powers during World War II. He was first going to be called, “Super American.” However, at that time, there were too many “supers” around in the comics.

But, there were not many “Captains.”

The first issue sold almost 1,000,000 copies. This was fantastic for the time period. However, some Americans objected to what Captain America stood for.

Remember, the comic came out before we entered the war. Many Americans wanted to remain neutral. The comic even had a fan club called, “Sentinels of Liberty.”

Captain America was a character bearing an American flag motif, and he had a special shield with a huge star on it. He struggled to maintain the ideals of a man out of his time with its modern realities.

Today, Captain America remains a highly respected figure in American pop-culture.  He was one of the first heroes to appear in a media outside of comics, with the release of a movie serial in 1944.  Captain America also had a young ally called, “Bucky.”

The patriotic ideal of Captain America was very simple, back in its time,  but effective today.

Most Americans loved the comic and still do to this day. As well as the love they currently share for the adventures of Captain America, which permeate across the big screen.

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