Lex Luthor Will Appear on The CW’s ‘Supergirl’ This Season

The CW dropped some unexpected, but welcome news on Thursday afternoon, when they announced that classic Superman villain Lex Luthor will arrive in National City this season to cause trouble for his cousin, Supergirl.

In the series’ canon, Lex Luthor is incarcerated for crimes he’s committed, but his sister Lena is a key character on the show, having bought out CatCo, Supergirl’s employer, last season.  Lex is not scheduled to appear in the upcoming Elseworlds crossover, so it’s likely we won’t be seeing him until early on in 2019.

Supergirl EPs Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller released a joint statement, saying, “We’re beyond excited to introduce… Lex Luthor to Supergirl and to weave him into our story this season. We’ve talked about having Lex on the show since it’s inception and we’re excited to have him finally arrive. We can’t wait for him to shake things up in National City and watch him go toe to toe with not only Supergirl, but his sister Lena Luthor.”

The character has previously been played on the big screen by Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey and Jesse Eisenberg. Meanwhile, Scott James Wells, Sherman Howard, John Shea and Michael Rosenbaum have played Luthor on the small screen in various Superman-related TV series’.

Supergirl returned with its 4th season premiere Sunday night, to lead The CW’s new Sunday lineup of programming.

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