Ghostface Is Being Resurrected For a New ‘Scream’ Movie From Spyglass Entertainment

According to Bloody Disgusting, a new Scream movie is reportedly being developed, after four films and three seasons of an MTV television series (the third and final season actually aired on VH1 earlier this year). For now, the site has got no further details about whether the film will be a continuation of the feature film storyline or if the new version will be a remake, with either method seeming just as likely.

Back in 1996, thanks to the late director Wes Craven, writer Kevin Williamson, and the cast of fresh-faced young talent, the original Scream was responsible for completely reviving the horror slasher genre with many of these participants reprising their roles in sequels. Fans remain just as passionate as they have ever been for the series and have been wondering what would happen to the franchise following Craven’s unfortunate passing in 2015.

Variety had previously explained how Spyglass landed the rights for the franchise: “Spyglass Media Group was re-launched as a content company in March by former MGM topper Barber, Lantern Entertainment co-presidents Andy Mitchell and Milos Brajovic and strategic investors Eagle Pictures and Cineworld Group.”

Of note there, after the allegations against Harvey Weinstein put the company in bankruptcy, Lantern Entertainment acquired all of Dimension Films’ assets, which included Scream. Another Dimension property, Hellraiser, was also picked up by Spyglass and they have that remake in development with David S. Goyer (Blade II, Batman Begins, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) writing.

We’ll keep you posted on the new Scream movie as more details become available.

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