Column: The Art of War – Decades Later, Sgt. Rock Remains a Prominent Character in the DC Universe

Our Army At War was one of my favorite comics growing up in the 1950’s. It was launched in 1952 as part of the huge wave of war comics at that time. One of the main characters appearing in issue #83 was Sgt. Rock in 1959.

He was put in charge of Easy Company. He was first called Sgt. Rocky, but the writers did not really approve of that, so they changed his name to Sgt. Rock. He appeared in the original comic form until 1988. Sgt. Rock had a brother who fought in the Pacific Theater.

Pic of the first issue of “Our Army at War.” Sgt. Rock was not introduced here, but this comic book was the backbone in which the character was developed.

He also had a sister who was a nun named Amy. Sgt. Rock fought in the European Theater and also belonged to “The Big Red One.” Sgt. Rock’s unit’s nickname was the “Combat Happy Joe’s”. Rock’s men called him, “Topkick.” In the comic, Sgt. Rock seemed to have superhuman strength, and survived several wounds.

He had a sixth sense to warn him of impending danger. He did have a kind heart, and refused to fight a battle when the Nazis sent out teenage boys to fight. One story line claims that Sgt. Rock was killed on the last day of the war, by the last enemy bullet fired. He was trying to save a small child who was caught in a crossfire.

However, DC Comics had Sgt. Rock appearing in future modern superhero stories. He even fought his old foe, The Iron Major. DC Comics always marketed Sgt.Rock as the most authentic WWII soldier. Over the years, many action figure toys were made of Sgt. Rock. There also is a movie planned in the future about him. He has been named as the 78th greatest comic book hero of all time.

As we previously reported on this site, Sgt. Rock will return in a DC Universe Animated Short that will premiere with the release of the movie Batman: Hush in July.

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