Column: The Art of War – Batman Teams Up with Sgt. Rock in the Late 60’s in ‘The Brave and the Bold’

We still have plenty of material from the 40’s and 50’s left to cover, but for today’s Column, we’re skipping over to the late 60’s to freshen up the content a little bit.

The Brave and the Bold was a comic book series published by DC Comics from 1955-1983. The focus of this series most commonly featured a team-up of characters from across the DC Universe. As part of my series on “The Art of War,” focusing on the military in comics, I found several Brave and The Bold Comics that featured Sgt. Rock teaming up with, of all people, Batman.

In my younger days as a lover of war comics, I never read any of these treasures. These two heroes team up in strange ways to fight the enemy in different time periods. In a comic published in 1969, Batman teams up with Sgt.Rock for the first time in a fantastic issue called, “The Angel, the Rock, and the Cowl”.

In a series of flashbacks, Bruce Wayne shows up in Nazi occupied France during World War 2. He comes in contact with Sgt.Rock and Easy Company. They find a large number of wine bottles that the Nazis were using to smuggle secret weapons parts to be used in the D-Day Invasion.

Batman and Sgt. Rock work together to stop the operation. They also rescue a group of French hostages from a Nazi firing squad. Together, they blow up the wine bottles. They contained deadly nerve gas. Sgt. Rock later saves Batman in London when he was on leave. This team-up was a great success and Batman and Sgt. Rock appeared in seven other stories. I will report on them in future issues of the “Art of War”.

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