Column: The Art of War – A Unique, Black and White War Comic Book Answers the Call in the Mid-Sixties

Blazing Combat was still another popular war comic of the 1960’s. It was published by Warren Publishing from 1965-1966. The comics featured contemporary and period setting war stories.

The main difference was that the books had a more humanistic theme of the personal costs of any war. Blazing Combat was not just adventure stories about fighting in war. The comic was unique because it was in black and white and featured many famous artists, writers and editors.

Most war comics of the time were pro-war or just blood and guts. Blazing Combat took an anti-war stand. The stories were always short, between 8-10 pages long. Most of the 29 issues of the comic were about WWII. However, the comic did have stories from the Persian War, Civil War, Korean War and Revolutionary War. The Vietnam War issues caused a great deal of controversy because of the killing of innocent civilians.

Army PX’s refused to sell the comic book. Despite all of this, many critics consider Blazing Combat to be the best war comics ever published. The stories were realistic, gritty and showed the true horrors of all wars.

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