An Update On Our Website and Podcast For World’s Finest Geeks!

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It’s been a long month. My Co-Host Vince and I have moved on to other things professionally for jobs, outside of this. The website and podcast are always our hobby. We haven’t done a podcast since January 28th and haven’t updated the website since February 5th and we’re working on correcting that. In the meantime… […]

REVIEW: ‘Venom’ Turns Out to Be One of the Most Faithful Comic Book Adaptations of All Time

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So, what do you expect to see when you walk into a movie titled Venom, based upon the popular Marvel Comics Anti-hero, who was born as a foil to Spider-Man?  Are you looking for a masterpiece unlike anything you’ve ever seen before?  Or are you looking for a movie appropriately titled Venom? If you’re looking […]