Bill Maher Wants You to Know That Growing Up with Comic Books Didn’t Make You a Better Person

I have long been a fan of Bill Maher. I like his show on HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher. I like his general views and his alliances with his guests – last night he had scary witch woman Ann Coulter as his top-of-the-show guest, who appears to have zero meat on her bony structure, but whatever.

Despite leading off his show with the scariest horror movie character of all time, Bill went on and did a good show. But then, he went to… this. At the end of his program. Watch this bullshit:

Bill Maher, completely out of touch with society, never mentioned, in his old man rant, that two of the movies nominated for Best Picture and Best Animated Feature this year at The Oscars, revolve around COMIC BOOK MOVIES!! Each one of them revolve around strong, black characters and we covered those here.

While Bill Maher remains my favorite George Carlin Wannabe, I have to ask him, since he loves Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so much. What are his thoughts on the tweet she posted on January 11th, in which she brilliantly quotes the Watchmen comic book?

In short, Bill Maher should never say “OK, but now you have pubic hair.” when it comes to wins in comic movie history. Really, stick to your fake Liberal Bullshit and don’t attack those of us who grew up with this shit and LOVE it.

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