After One Weekend, ‘Halloween’ is the Highest Grossing Movie in the Franchise’s History with a $77.5 Million Domestic Haul

Horror fans were hungry for the return of Michael Myers this weekend.  So much so, that they carved out a near-record opening at the October Box Office for the return of The Boogeyman.

Halloween only trails Venom‘s $80 million opening weekend record just two weeks ago with a $77.5 million tally.  But that’s really all semantics, as the film’s star Jamie Lee Curtis pointed out herself on Twitter today:

What Curtis misses out on is the fact that this is now, as the headline says, the highest grossing Halloween movie in the franchise’s history.  The only one that comes close is the final domestic cume of Rob Zombie’s ill-advised Halloween reboot back in 2007, which ended its theatrical run with a $58 million domestic total.

Halloween should continue to do gangbusters throughout the week and with it’s titular holiday happening the week after it’s second run in theaters next weekend, should maintain at the #1 spot in the $30 million range.

Halloween is now in theaters nationwide.


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