A WFG EXCLUSIVE! MAJOR SPOILERS: We Have the Final Few Minutes of ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ and We’re Leaking It Right Here…

Good afternoon everyone. This is @GeekWriterRob here, writer and Editor at World’s Finest Geeks.  Since our website continues to grow, we’re always happy when we get a new article from one of our contributors.  Today, we’ve received our third piece from one of our favorite Columnists!  He’s a satirical writer.  He enjoys comedy and loves the website The Onion.  But the thing about “Mxy,” as we call him around the office?

Well, Mxy is an imp from the fifth dimension.  He’s a bit of a trickster.  So, you really shouldn’t take stock into anything he says, to be honest.  He likes jokes quite a bit, so  we’re happy to print his third article here, exclusively on our site.  Today, Mxy has less of an article and more of a MAJOR scoop!  I’ll let him take it from here:

Hey everyone! Mxy here. As you know, I come and go here exclusively as a an unpaid contributor for World’s Finest Geeks, which might be the World’s Worst Geek Website ever.  Anyway, the last time I came here, we explored the Zack Snyder cut of the movie Justice League. You’ll probably recall that I told you on the Fifth Dimension, the movie was released as Zack Snyder intended and was never touched by Joss Wheden.

Well, last night, I cringed as I received word that Earth is JUST NOW getting  the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix.  Let’s take a look at the trailer for the film:

When I heard about this, I just knew I had to reach out to @GeekWriterRob, or, as I call him… The Lisping Wonder, to send you all an EXCLUSIVE clip from this movie that no one on Earth has seen yet!  You see, on the Fifth Dimension, we already saw this movie 13 years ago and over here, it was called X-Men: The Last Stand

I have decided to by THAT GUY and deliver a leaked scene from the movie that is, of course, a huge spoiler. I chose to come here to WFG to spoil this scene, because they’re in desperate need of clicks! 



Amazing, right?  I know, I was surprised to see Hugh Jackman as well.  While that may have spoiled the end of the movie for you, I am sure it won’t spoil the rest of the movie when X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits Earth theaters on June 7, 2019!

MXY out.

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